Muse, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool. November 5th 2009


Remember, remember, Muse in November
The unique brand of Devonshire rock
I know of no reason
Why Muse this season
Will ever be forgot.

Who needs to stand in a cold, muddy field after it’s been raining all day watching a damp, half hearted fireworks display when one of the best bands recording in the modern era come to the Echo Arena and blow all the bands that have played there this year clean out of the Mersey.  With a laser show that would make Pink Floyd seethe with envy and a strict but simple mantra to give the paying fans one of the best shows they will ever see in their lifetime.  

Muse kicked off the night in fine style with the opening tracks of the latest studio album The Resistance, the much talked about Uprising and the album title track Resistance whilst atop of platforms that could have come out of the best Sci-fi films.

Vocalist Matthew Bellamy was in excellent form as he took the fans on a non stop jaunt of some of Muse’s finest moments with the giddy Supermassive Black Hole, the hard hitting and Orwellian like United States of Eurasia and various drum and bass jams with the other members of the band, drummer Dominic Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenhome.

The audience who had taken the opportunity to see the band live in Liverpool for the first time in years were not disappointed with the selection of songs or in the manner that they were played and from the bands point of view it must have been a sight to see this huge sea of humanity move back and forth towards them as almost everybody who was standing on the floor of the Echo Arena went berserk throughout the gig.

The Teignmouth threesome ended the main set with two songs from the number one album Absolution that propelled them into the collective hearts of the music buying public, the fantastic Time is Running Out and the bouncy Stockholm Syndrome.

Muse finished a superb night that will surely live long in the memory with the encores which included the wonderfully titled Plug In Baby and Knights of Cydonia.

Ian D. Hall

  • andy clark

     Brilliant gig!

    When the curtains dropped down at the start to reveal the band on 20ft podiums I almost fainted from the excitement and shock. No-one was expecting something as spectacular as that.

    I loved Matt Bellamy’s outfit. Pink trousers, silver sparkling shoes and a band t-shirt. He is probably the only musician that can wear something like that and still look ridiculously cool.

    The version of "Cave" where they supplemented the guitar part for a piano was a big highlight for me, along with "Time Is Running Out" and "Stockholm Syndrome". Also, hearing the new songs live has given me a new appreciation for the Resistance album.

  • Monica_Mills

    The atmosphere was buzzing, there is nothing in the world like a Muse gig. We Muse fans are indeed like no other!! And I hope it stays that way!

    Cave was incredible! I loved hearing Hysteria, that song will NEVER get old and obviously the newer songs were epic to be heard live. I wish they had played MK Ultra instead of Guiding Light, kinda felt like I was singing a national anthem to Muse. Not that there is nothing wrong with that! Personally, I’m just used to the heavier, faster tunes that we all know Muse are capable of (Plug in Baby anyone?).

    We know that one of these days they will have an entire orchestra and play all three part of the Symphony Exogenisis in all it’s awesome glory. Matt, Dom and Chris are nothing short of incredible performers and their music and showmanship makes every gig of theirs special, however many times you’ve seen them!

    Loved EVERY second of it!!