Corinne West arrived in Liverpool towards the end of her short tour of Britain, which started at the Cornish Bluegrass festival and which will end on the 29th at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline. Such is the popularity of this artist that she could stay here for a couple of months and possibly sell out everywhere. Unfortunately the people of Liverpool only had the one night at Mello Mello to catch this Californian songstress.

Opening the night with ‘It’s Your Time’ from her first album Bound For the Living she immediately won casual onlookers over with her sweet voice and incredible approach. Corinne was joined on stage by the laid back but divine guitarist Doug Cox who added an extra dimension to other songs played during the night including the very enjoyable Whisky Poet and the thoughtful Lily Ann.

Her music refuses to be put into any specific genre, but there is a wonderful hippy, devil may care attitude that comes through. She most definitely is a woman who has lived her life to the full, she related some of these stories between the songs including one upbeat tale about how on one of her trips to England she found herself in Glastonbury and upon taking a hike through that area of the world came across a man playing a haunting piece of music, she stopped and learned the song but never got round to learning the guy’s name. An incredible gem of a story.

Corinne wound down the evening with the tremendous ‘The Lonesome River’ and a song from the new studio album The Promise, Lady Luck.

After Corinne was called back on stage by an appreciative audience she gave an excellent encore of the song Writing on the Wall which had the assembled crowd falling over themselves to meet her afterwards.

A beautiful night of music in a very atmospheric setting, top marks to performer, venue and the support of Andy Steele who warmed up the crowd superbly.


Ian D. Hall