Muse, an amazing band of epic proportions, have had a dominating position in the music scene for near enough a decade. Their oeuvre has memorable melodies and lyrics that satisfy a large number of peoples musical tastes, not forgetting the bands virtuosity with their instruments, energetic live performances and massive sound. Muse could easily be deemed a super band.

Previous albums by Muse have very easily made me feel excitement, but the new album- The Resistance, has stirred emotions girded by the deepest parts of my frontal lobes. This sweeping, cosmic ballet about love, really shows how dynamic Muse can be with themes. However this does not constrain Muse’s usual antics, with a hip hop style track such as "Undisclosed Desires" and the heavy metal style ending of "Unnatural Selection", that does indeed give the album a big boost. The opening song “Uprising” is essentially a march. It grasps the listener and it propels them forwards into the album, with regimented guitars and a Doctor Who style synthesizer riff.

The true meaning of the album (love), is shown in the songs “The Resistance” and “I Belong To You”. These songs really convey the idea that love is eternal and conquers all. It also seems worthy to note the tribute to the French opera Samson and Delilah held within “I Belong To You”. Matt Bellamy’s exquisite vocal rendition of the aria featured, is truly breath taking.

The centre piece of the album, is, almost definitely, the three part symphonic rock extravaganza. Soft orchestral strings, with driving guitar and at times, playful piano passages, dominate this orgy of sound. In my opinion this album is the best piece of work by Muse so far. I truly feel that they have now set a bar for a more complex, elegant paradigm in the music industry.