She’s done it again. With hilarious yet altogether genius lyrics, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta- fondly known to her fans as Lady Gaga- has created another album that is inspiring, whimsical and impossible to sit still to.
     The musical genius of this woman seems, to me, unbearable; her first album, The Fame, was home to outrageously popular hits including Poker Face and Paparazzi, and her latest follow up- an extended version entitled The Fame Monster– seems destined to reach the same deserved success after the storm that has recently been created by its first single release, Bad Romance. With a diverse mixture of songs, her latest album ticks all potential boxes and offers something outlandish for everybody to enjoy. The likes of Teeth encapsulates a vintage, Blues atmosphere, whilst at the same time drawing upon the modern with her charmingly erratic dentist-influenced punch line; the subtle Speechless references personal upset due to the illness of her father and relies solely on her incredibly powerful voice and the tenderness of her lyrical composure to blow the listener away. A highly anticipated collaboration with Beyonce for the song Telephone does not fail to meet expectations; it merely exceeds them. With relatable scenarios and an infectious chorus, the single has the potential to even exceed the popularity of their recent combined project, Beyonce’s Video Phone.
     I urge you to enjoy the crazy sounds of this icon of the 21st century, and I can guarantee that The Fame Monster will steal your heart.
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Rosaleen Gallagher