Havaiana’s have had their hay day and now Patongs are stealing the limelight
            With everyone’s favourite time of year quickly approaching and the weather heating up, it is an opportunity once more to have guilt free splurges on new summer essentials. Tiny tops and slinky skirts are dropping merrily to the bottoms of our shopping bags, and for some reason us girls are all inclined to go a little blonder during an impulsive trip to the hairdressers. Boys are rounding up their favourite shorts and wondering which trainers are going to match perfectly and trying to choose an asexual pair of sunglasses… What we all have in common, however, is the fact that many of us are going to be wearing flip flops.
             Popping to Office and grabbing a fail-safe pair of Havaiana’s is usually everyone’s best bet, but in light of the launch of a fresh new company, Patongs are set to be summer’s new fashion necessity. Patongs are a new brand of flip flops made from unique Thai rubber, moulding cosily to the shape of your foot and being 100% flexible. Upon meeting Paul Anderson of the Patongs company and getting my claws into a pair for myself, I realised that this claim wasn’t just a clever marketing technique; despite being sturdy and durable, these ingenious creations were genuinely malleable in any possible way. Popular in particular with dancers and footwear models, these are also easily washable and therefore the perfect addition to any muddy festival visitor’s clothing ensemble (for once you won’t have to throw every item you took with you away).
            It is notions like this that have inspired the emphasis on travel within the Patongs company. The very people behind the brand are those that love to explore the world and see new things, and have brought experience of their travels to their creations of the Patongs. Named in accordance with the place of inspiration, each pair of Patongs is graced with an infectious colour concept and a name to which it pays homage. For example, the sleek and stylish ‘Melbourne’ pair with a simple monochrome pattern have been a hit with the finest DJ’s of London, and Manchester females are snapping up the ‘Paris’ pair which are designed with an extra-chic thinner thong strap and exquisitely patterned with pink and red polka dots. I, myself, have been lucky enough to sample the ‘LA’ pair, a purple and lilac combination which has been apparently popular amongst models (given kindly to me by Paul in one of their bags made entirely from recycled bottles). Upon visiting the Patongs website, you are encouraged to write to the company and tell them about your favourite travel experiences so that they can adapt their brand in order to coincide with the voices and desires of their consumers. This is what is so different about Patongs; they yearn to hear from their customers and to form a relationship between themselves and their buyers as opposed to creating something rigid in the hope that it will translate.
At an incredibly reasonable £12.00, these flip flops are not only an easy way to brighten up a tank top and denim, they’re also outrageously inexpensive. Perhaps an even cheaper alternative, however, would be to win any pair that you would like completely free of charge? Visit this exclusive competition from LSMedia and Patongs to find out how, and in the mean time get choosing your favourite pair on the Patongs website by clicking here.

Rosaleen Gallagher