Debut Single at Number One? Check. Festival Appearances? Check. Supporting the UK’s biggest acts? Check. Second Single due for release. Check-Diddy-Check. Standard Sunglasses… Oh.My.Days… Mr Tinie Tempah without his staple diet of Rayban, I must be honoured.

Well It’s been three whole months since I met up with the UK’s rising star, and how excited I was to interview him post numero uno gain. I think it’s safe to say that our lovely homegrown urban star is growing from strength to strength, and will be sticking around for quite some time. He certainly seems comfortable in his current role, dressed in a slouchy tracksuit chillin’ like a grime-pop villain on his laptop, when I meet him in the dark underworld of Liverpool’s o2 Academy…

So Mr Tinie T, you’ve blown the music world away since I last saw you…


…Yeah. Just like that! Would you say that your very very very wild lifestyle has got even wilder?

Nice! Well, my very very very wild lifestyle has gone from being wild to just busy. I guess it’s kind of wild in a weird sense. Obviously just being a 21 year old, I mean prior to this I was just doing everything a normal 21 year old does. It still feels like I’m living a normal life, but when I chat to people about my schedule, they’re like: ‘Where are you?’ and I’m like ‘ In Liverpool man.’… ‘Yea where are you now?’ ‘ In Newcastle Man.’… ‘Where are you now?’  ‘I’m in Glasgow Man.’…’Ok that’s not normal!’ But ‘cos I do it every single day it’s become a normality, but to the average person it’s really not normal.

Yea I’m tired just listening to what you do! So I hear P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg want a slice of Tinie Tempah…

Yeah man, definitely, we’re trying to make that happen.

How does it feel being associated with them?

Well those people are my childhood heroes, people that I really look up to and have set the bar for hiphop, made it a global ‘thing’. So yea, me being put against them is an honour as you can imagine, it’s just surreal.

To be fair though, you were straight to number one, and now this outrageous new single ‘Frisky. ( Watch HERE)It features producer Labyrinth again, how did this collaboration come about?

Well within 24 hours after Pass Out was made, we knew that we just gelled,  like we’re the same age, same background… it just worked. He’s a genius, we just got in, got working’ and did 2 or 3 tracks after Pass Out and I think Frisky  was the second one that we did.

Why not eh? The Gorillaz ‘Stylo’ remix he did with you was just sublime. (Listen HERE)Bluey Robinson’s working with him too, what do you think of his work?

Sublime yea? Bluey’s a really talented musician, we’ve come from exactly the same area in London. It’s kind of interesting to see the way that everybody’s comin’ up. I mean a couple of years ago I’d be ringin him to see when we’re gonna hang out at our local shop, and he’d be like ‘about four yea yea!’.. so it’s a big deal.

Ha! I’ve noticed a video going round of you wanting Jay Sean’s body…?

Ha! That was hilarious. Jay Sean’s a real good friend of mine, and he came down to London for a little whle, so 1XTRA,  and Radio One got in touch and were like ‘come down and do this work out thing.’ So I went along with it… when I got there I was like- hang on… I could actually learn a few things!

You’ve really got a support network down at Radio One, they’ve constantly pushed you as the next big thing, how does it feel knowing that you have that?

It’s great, I mean sometimes in life I think you get opportunities and you have to make the most of them, and this year in particular, people have tipped me for a lot of exciting things and high expectations have been set for me, so obviously I feel it’s my duty to use that and make the most out of it. I want to deliver the best music possible, like I dont want to let all those people down- so there’s been no wild Champagne parties yet.

Pfft! Lies!

Hahaha! O.K… maybe a few, maybe a few.

Yea I’m sure. So with all this hard work, what would you say is your personal highlight?

Well as you can imagine, getting to number one. Making music was a personal thing to me, I mean leaving my mark in history and obviously that happens when you have a number one. But the thing with me is, I wanted to come in and be the best musician.

Would you think about heading over to America then?

Yeah, America definitely, there’s been a lot of attention from over there recently, about a week ago I met with Neyo.

As you do.

Yeah. Haha! I mean, everybody’s excited by Pass Out so it will be interesting to see what we could do over there.

Well I saw you here in Liverpool 3 months ago, Pre-Pass-Out-Release, is it good to be back here again?

 Always excited to be here man. The crowd is always phenomenal and the fact that all the ladies are beautiful is a bonus point really.

Ooh what a smoothie ey?! He later promised to throw in a good word for me with Reggie Yates. After this, he threw in a quick peck and a hug to which I responded with a yelp… how cool am I?

Although Tinie’s celebrity status is growing from strength to strength, he still seems grounded within the reality that what he has achieved, is something that dreams are made of. It’s safe to say that this kind of perspective is pretty rare, which is what will keep him on the scene for quite some time. I think being asked to perform as, Gorillaz ( now Glastonbury Headliners) ‘Foster Child’ on Jonathan Ross recently, proves his appeal. Question is would Mr Tinie Tempah Risk it for a Chocolate Biscuit?

Watch that Gorillaz performance HERE.

Jenny Wright