Sony gets hacked….again.


Sony suspended 93,000 accounts on it’s Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment divisions after it was revealed that it had suffered a new intrusion into it’s servers. This comes only 6 months after the hacks that brought down the PSN for weeks and compromised the details of 70 million users. Apparently Sony detected attempts to access sensitive data using a large list of ID and password combinations apparently taken ‘from another source and not from [Sony’s] Networks’.

Philip Reitinger, Chief informations security officer at Sony, claimed that the combinations did not work and that no sensitive data was accessed, but the 93,000 affected accounts were suspended nonetheless. He blamed the problem on third-party servers, neglecting to mention which companies hold this sensitive data and why outside parties have access to these user ID/Pass combinations.

This comes after Chief Executive Howard Stringer publicly apologised after the April Scandal and ensured customers that Sony would vastly update and upgrade it’s security systems. This was a far smaller intrusion, and the damage seems to have been minimal, but Sony will have to be fast to reassure it’s customers that they really have improved the security of their severs over the past half a year.

Any victims of this particular hacking attempt will receive an email notification within the next day, and will be prompted to reset their passwords.

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