LSMedia Rating ***

The overwhelmingly charming She & Him are back, with a truly festive selection of songs from the album, ironically called, A Very She & Him Christmas. The majority will be aware of the band through lead singer Zooey Deschanel’s mainstream rise to fame in the obscure indie film 500 Days of Summer.  Her character is very much constant throughout all of Deschanel’s creative ventures, their latest festive offering wouldn’t be seen out of place on Summer’s Vinyl player whilst she twirled around in a vintage tea dress. That being said, there is nothing wrong with sepia tinted chintz and charm and A Very She & Him Christmas has it by the bucket load. Covering an array of well worn Christmas classics, the band hark back to the days of Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys circa 1959 and The Carpenters, minus the slightly cringey brother and sister relationship. Though Deschanel does have a whiff of Karen Carpenter about her, in the best possible sense. Her voice croons and whispers throughout the albums entirety, so much so you expect the next track to be a rendition of Please Mr Postman.

The band keep it simple and folky in A Very She & Him Christmas, pretty much all that is present is M. Ward’s rockabilly style guitars, Deschanel’s voice, and the occasional sleigh bell jingle. Though some may see it as being more cliche than a 50’s Tupperware party, there is something charming and comforting about it. Have Yourself a A Merry Little Christmas, has an overtone of Sinatra. Deschanel does it justice, though at times her voice can sound forced and oddly hollow. Though Blue Christmas brings it back, there is heartfelt sorrow in it and does capture some essence of the festive season that many can feel. Pretty and quaint, it’ll appeal to many a melancholic indie teenager in angst whose has worn their copy of Juno to death. Having said that, A Very She & Him Christmas will appeal to many due to its obvious influence from vintage rock & roll and its faithfulness to the Christmas song. Which, lets be honest, you can’t really go wrong if you stick to the classics.


A Very She & Him Christmas- album out now

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