On Wednesday 25th Jean Paul Gaultier showcased his Amy Winehouse tribute collection at S/S12 Paris  Fashion Week. The French designer took inspiration from the late singer’s iconic style creating a collection with looks entitled ‘Brit Award’ and ‘Love is a Losing Game’. Amy’s dad, Mitch however was extremely shocked and insulted by the Gaultier collection, tweeting the collection is in ‘bad taste… we’re still grieving for [Amy’s] loss.’

Gaultier however believed his collection was a tribute to the late singer, celebrating her impact on fashion and iconic clothing choices. The designer said the collection will not be retailed, rather a few looks will be created bespoke for a handful of clients. Whilst the collection which featured bright colours, sequins and corsetry detailing honoured Gaultier’s signature design aesthetic, the Beehive hair styling, black eye-lined flicks and cigarettes were a step too far for the Winehouse family. Mitch commented ‘It portrays a view of Amy when she was not at her best, and glamorises some of the more upsetting times in her life… This is purely about Gaultier making money, and that’s wrong.’

The most controversial of looks appeared towards the end of the collection where Gaultier showcased models wearing black veils. Mitch believed this to be far from a tribute to the singer’s name commenting, ‘we’re proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste.’ It would appear Gaultier’s attempt to honour the name of the late Amy Winehouse more than backfired, ending up upsetting her family with the lack on consultation on the collection and challenging the boundaries of acceptability at Paris Fashion Week.

Images courtesy of Vogue.com