Lacuna Coil, Dark Adrenaline. Album Review.


 L.S. Media Rating *****

Lacuna Coil stands out as Italy’s finest export since lasagna, well…certainly since music from that country stopped being all about opera. The group’s sixth album, Dark Adrenaline is everything you could want from the band as it brings a lighter, even more enjoyable edge to their usual dark gothic style whilst retaining the ethereal beauty that encompasses their music.

Dark Adrenaline is the home to 12 outstanding tracks, each one delivered with attitude and a generous amount of creativity. Even the R.E.M. cover of Losing My Religion is outstanding and insanely catchy. Without looking at the track listing, the song creeps upon you and for one wonderful moment you are lost in reverie and then realisation kicks in and you catch yourself thinking, this is actually better than R.E.M. could have ever managed!

Cristina Scabbia’s vocals are as good as they ever were and after 15 odd years at the helm of Lacuna Coil she shows no sign of being tempted to relax on her Milanese laurels. Blending her voice perfectly with that of Andrea Ferro and with a keen sense of rhythm and harmony between the two vocalists, the music is greatly enhanced because of it. In a similar vein that resonates with British Progressive Rock band The Reasoning, everything is captured; everything you hear through your speakers is so damn cool.

The only problem with the latest offering by this talented and musically brilliant band is the different formats that are available to their fans. There will be very few that don’t go out and buy all the excessive and slight waste of money just to own all the various versions. It’s a moan and not a very big one but thinking of those that feel the need to gullibly impress their friends, bands should think more of their fan’s pockets rather than the inflating the shallow egos of those they are trying to reach out to.

An early contender for Metal album of the year maybe! However there is a long time to go yet and they were up against Lamb of God’s Resolution being released on the same day. For what it’s worth Dark Adrenaline is sublime, pulsating and incredible. An album to salivate lovingly over!

Dark Adrenaline is out now.

Ian D. Hall

Ian was bought up in Birmingham and has lived for the last eight years in a city he has come to think of as his home. In the last ten years he has worked for two of the finest media organisations it has been his pleasure to be part of, the Birmingham Mail and LSMedia. In the three years he has been part of the team here and has reviewed over 1,000 theatre performances, albums and gigs, travelling as far as Montreal to cover music. His dearest loves are Prog, Heavy Metal, Rock and the theatre.