LSMediaBeauty rating: *****

In a random act of festive frenzied impulse buying last year I began my foray into the realms of the so-called lighter coverage foundation. God knows why, under normal circumstances I cower away from anything with the words sheer or tint marked anywhere on it. Luckily though, this might just have been the smartest impulse purchase I have ever made, over the busy Christmas period I found myself reaching for it time and time again to bring my skin back to life the morning after the night before, which regrettably, more often than not, also happened to be the morning before a 12 hour waitressing shift. It did not let me down, it is wonderfully easy to apply, a small amount applied to the face with fingertips (no mirror necessary) and a slick of your favourite mascara and you’re pretty much good to go, and no one need know you feel like death. For mornings after a particularly sleepless night before however, just flip the tube around and there’s a concealer that can hide a multitude of sins, just apply straight from the tube to areas that need a little more attention and blend with fingers. Achieving a flawless complexion has never been so easy. Packed with vitamins, Aloe-Vera and Ginseng root extract it never failed to leave my skin feeling gloriously soft, healthy and moisturized and most importantly looking fabulous. Pixi’s most impressive feat with this product is by far the fact that it successfully manages to transform and revive my dull skin and leave it positively glowing whilst safely sidestepping the oily pitfalls which many tinted moisturizers succumb to. A must have in any girls revival kit………(especially those who enjoy a few drinks on the weekends.)

At a glance: surprisingly good coverage for a tinted moisturizer, glowing dewy finish, great on almost all skin types (extremely oily skins may need to set this with a light powder.)

Price: £21.50, also available at