On her first Valentine’s Day as the wife of Prince William and second major solo public appearance, Kate Middleton visited Liverpool’s ‘Dry Bar’ The Brink. The Duchess of Cambridge recently became patron of Action on Addiction, and its Liverpool head of service Jacquie Johnston-Lynch is the founder of Liverpool’s ‘dry bar’. The Brink is a charitable bar which provides recovering addicts a supportive social environment with the atmosphere of a night out, only without the booze.  With band nights and open mics, the bar offers its adult various punters an enjoyable evening without being made to feel the need to drink alcohol.

Headlining in a number of newspapers, the Brink was also featured on the BBC’s The One Show, where a small number of the University of Liverpool’s netball team were invited to experiment a night out without being under the pressures to drink.

If you are not yet persuaded to enjoy an evening out on the tiles without the booze, below are a few recipes for various ‘mocktails’ to try which are just as delicious as the favoured ‘spirited’ classics.


The Classic Virgin Cocktail:  The Real Shirley Temple

Dash of Grenadine  poured into ice filled glass,

Top it up with 200ml of ginger ale  (or Lemonade if you are not a fan)

Squeeze a couple of lemon wedges before garnishing with a Maraschino Cherry that is dropped into the drink.

Stir and Enjoy.


Virgin Mary


Add 300ml of Tomato Juice or Passata

2-10 dashes of Tabasco Sauce (depending on your hot pepper tolerance)

2-3 dashes of Worchester sauce (Lea and Perrins)

Small amount of Lemon Juice

Quick grind of Salt and Pepper

Stir and Garnish with a few chives


Safe Sex on the Beach

50ml of Peach Juice

150ml of Pineapple Juice

150ml of Orange Juice

Touch of Cranberry Juice (the amounts of the different juices can be altered to preferred taste)


Stir and garnish with either lime wedges, Strawberry’s or an Orange Twist


Also have a go at The Brinks non-alcoholic smoothie; named The Duchess in Kate’s honour. It comprises of almonds, honey, a dash of cream and banana, blended together.



For more information on The Brink take alook at our earlier feature on the bar: http://www.thesphinx.co.uk/2011/11/bar-culture-redesigned-at-the-brink/

Or why not try the bars delicious drinks for yourself, and visit The Brink at 15-21 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN