SRO Candidate: Chris Wardle


Name? Christopher Paul Wardle

What subject are you studying? Modern History and Politics

What year of study are you in? Year 3

Are you a member of any societies? Many Societies. I sit on the committees for History Society, Politics Society (Vice-chair) and Band Society (Treasurer). I have also previously been a member of LUDS (Scribble), LUST and Fencing.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I sing and play guitar in a band. I also partake in amateur dramatics when I have the time to commit to it.

What do you love most about Liverpool? I love the atmosphere the most, especially the music scene, something of which is lacking where I’m from.

What’s your favourite food? PIZZA!!!!

Give us one little known fact about you… I went to Stage Coach theatre arts in Milton Keynes for over 6 years where I was trained in singing, acting and dancing.

What made you decide to stand for election? A passionate desire to help the student body, especially in the face of ensuing £9000 tuition fees and cuts to higher education. I want to help to make sure that students get the best university experience possible.

Sum up your campaign in 5 words or less… Put Students First? Vote Chris

Read Chris’ manifesto here.

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