Name? Thomas Bee

What subject are you studying? Mechanical Engineering

What year of study are you in? 3rd Year

Are you a member of any societies? Liverpool Engineers Society & LSRadio

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Partying with my mates and at the engineers society events, rocking my radio show, watching good films, laughing too loudly at live comedy and getting involved with all sorts of societies and sports teams.

What do you love most about Liverpool? The students of course! So many good times to be had with so many good people around. The Raz is pretty fantastic too.

What’s your favourite food? Bacon wrapped, sausage stuffed, chicken. Or any food I cook for myself. Gordon Ramsey, watch out!

Give us one little known fact about you… I don’t mean to gloat but . . . when I was 10 I collected all 151 pokemon. Oh yes.

What made you decide to stand for election? I’ve always been focused on improving the student experience wherever I am. I am standing for election so I can continue doing everything I can to make life at Liverpool even better.

Sum up your campaign in 5 words or less… Student Focused Tour De Force.

Read Tom’s manifesto here.


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