The Loire, 2011

TOP 10…
The internet is a magical tool; with one click of a mouse you can find out endless information on pretty much any topic you like. Unfortunately, this often leaves you with a bit too much choice. I don’t need to know every single ski resort in Europe when all I really want to find out is which one is best for young adults.
That’s where this article comes in. Each week I’m going to take you on a tour of specifically detailed TOP 10 travel destinations so that when it comes to looking for your perfect ski holiday, you don’t get snowed under. It’s not going to just be me deciding; I want your opinions and ideas to help others make a choice that they won’t regret later. How many times have you visited a resort only to find that the cockroaches really are as bad as you’d feared? I’m guessing too many.



So, starting next Wednesday, TOP 10 Travel is arriving at LSMedia, and we’re kicking it off with TOP 10 UK Campsites for students. As you all know, it takes more than one person to put up a tent, so hit me with your recommendations. You can even tell me where not to go if you like.


Next Wednesday 14th March – Top 10 UK Campsites for Students