TV personality Alan Davies has taken to twitter in order to apologise for the ‘insensitive’ remarks about the Hillsborough disaster that he made during his presence on “The Tuesday Club”. Davies engaged in an at times foul-mouthed rant against Liverpool Football Club, their manager Kenny Dalglish and the commemoration of the 1989 disaster and therefore sparked outrage from fans.

Liverpool F.C. and Dalglish refuse to play fellow Merseyside rivals Everton on Sunday 15th April owing to the fact that it is the 23rd anniversary of Hillsborough. Instead they will play their FA Cup semi-final the day before, on Saturday 14th April, which is also Grand National day.

In his apology, Davies also reinforced his support for the Hillsborough Justice campaign, but stood by his original comments which questioned why the team cannot play in spite of the importance of the date.

He argued that everybody, and moreover every team, has to cope with loss and that Chelsea, who in playing in the Sunday slot instead will have less time to prepare for a mid-week Champions League tie against Barcelona, have been dealt an injustice.

Although such comments may potentially be seen as valid and fair opinion, Davies went on to further heavily criticise Dalglish during the podcast, saying ‘I hate him’ after labelling him a ‘tight-mouthed, furious, frowning, leaning forward, bitter Glaswegian’.

Football banter is common, popular and usually harmless, but there is widespread feeling that in this instance, some of the comments that were made went a step too far.

Davies famously put Liverpool in “Room 101” during the 1990’s.

James Muir

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