Liverpool Guild of Students have released a statement condemning the University’s choice to host the Liverpool mayoral debate, after yesterday declining to hold the event in the Mountford Hall.

“We condemn the University in giving legitimacy and a platform to fascist speakers and believe that as an International University they should be instead condemning the fascist parties for making our city unsafe for our students,” said the Guild.

The debate will be held on the evening of Thursday April 19th and all available tickets have been sold, despite uncertainty over the venue.

This decision is seen to uphold the “safe space” at LGoS, with the statement arguing that “The Guild will not be complicit in giving a voice to the hate-speak of the fascist organisations that are running in the election.

“We do not want to give any legitimacy to them and open up any potential for them to build their membership.”

It claims that the Guild will “provide information” about the elections and candidates to students on campus, and states “we want them to register to vote in these elections and make their vote an anti racist one.”

Students at a Life Forum earlier in the year voted to support anti-fascist movements across campus and in the wider community, although 51% were found to be against this most recent move in a poll by LSMedia.

An anti-fascism demonstration is expected to be held at the debate, as well as the introduction of a ‘Love LGoS, Hate Racism’ campaign.