Recent trend setters have been seen out and about in the latest fashion must-do of posh PJs, but I want to ask is it really ever ok to wear your pyjamas in the street?

A couple of years ago wearing your Minnie Mouse PJs to the supermarket became somewhat a trend amongst certain members of society, but it soon became a problem with stores such as Tesco having to put up notices stating that ‘NO nightwear is permitted!’ even going so far as to banning people in PJs from their stores. Whilst the PJs have gotten a little bit posher for this resurgence of PJ love and whilst I commend those who attempt a controversial fashion statement, they are still PJs and so what it is that has made it cool rather than careless to wear pyjamas on the streets of the hottest cities?

We must remember however that when I say PJs I am using that term loosely and not talking about the cotton ones you threw on last night to lounge around the house in, oh no these pyjamas are all about the posh print, majestic material and sensational shape. Floral and paisley prints are key this season and so designers have been appropriately combining the print trends with the PJ trend as seen below by Whistles Wisteria PJ set and Carine Wester’s Plume Flower PJ set (two of my favourites on the highstreet at the minute).

Whistles Wisteria PJ set

Carin Wester Plume Flower PJ set

The benefits of the PJ as a daytime wear is that they are ultra flattering to all figures with the lose nature and floating material. Also the waistline and silky materials ensure these PJs are just as comfy as wearing the cotton night time variety. However, whilst they may provide comfort, these PJs are anything but warm made from silk and satin and definitely only appropriate for those sunny days we have occasionally been blessed with.

If you are brave enough to test out the PJ trend then here are a few tips to ensure you look daytime fresh rather than ready for bed;

  • Remember to add heels, slippers are for sure a step too far even in the eccentric fashion world
  • Jewellery is key to establishing this trend as an outfit, a great necklace really sets the trend off perfectly
  • Ensure you pick a great print just like the one’s Stella McCartney and Jonathan Saunders used for their S/S12 collections
  • Add an over sized clutch bag for some added sophistication
  • Stand tall, my one biggest tip! Only those who rock this look with true confidence will ever be able to pull it off

Highstreet stores such as Warehouse and Zara have been tapping into the PJ trend with both PJ inspired shirts and trousers hitting the rails of the highstreet over the last week. Topshop is also expecting PJs sets in calypso florals, paisley and geometric prints by the end of the month proving that this trend is here to stay for summer!

If perhaps the thought of a full PJ set for a trip out to town is a little too much but you are coming round to the idea of PJs as a daytime must, then opt for separates. Pair a PJ inspired blouse with some rugged jeans or a pair of PJ trousers with a white T-shirt to create an effortless PJ influenced outfit. Also tailored blazers work well for an added glamour to your PJs.

Happy PJ wearing, I will be hoping to spot a few PJ lovers on my journeys around Liverpool!