A Boeing Co. 737-200 has crashed in Pakistan today, with 127 people on board. The plane was travelling from Karachi to Islamabad and crashed into a residential area moments before it was due to land. Hospitals around the area are reported to be on high alert, however, as of yet there are no reports of survivors.

Saifur Rehman, a member of a rescue team spoke to Pakistan’s Geo TV saying, “The wreckage is on fire. The plane is completely destroyed.”

Although there was reportedly bad weather during the plane’s flight it is not certain what caused the plane to crash shortly before landing. The crash is the second major crash in Pakistan’s history after an Airbus A321 crashed in 2010 killing 152 people on board.

The crash comes at a bad time for Bhoja Air as it reopened flights last month after closing in 2000 due to financial difficulties.

Rescue teams are working hard to find any survivors; miraculously  it appears that nobody was hurt on the ground. The search for survivors is expected to go on into the night.