Now on its second day, the French theatre company, Royal De Luxe, continue to amaze the people of Liverpool with their gigantic creations.  Residents follow the 50ft Diver Uncle and 30ft Little Girl Giant across Liverpool as they search for each other, due to be reunited tomorrow.

The spectacular is in order to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking and is particularly poignant to Liverpool as a result of the numerous ties the ship had with the city.  Liverpool has been remembering this event in many ways, including unveiling the ‘Untold’ story of the Titanic in the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Yet this parade is far more than a crowd gathering show as it has actually been inspired by the letters of a little girl, who lost her father in the tragedy.  Actress Gillian Kearney, who is involved in a documentary about the Giants, said, “Although they’re huge puppets, I find the whole  story very romantic as it’s based on a real story from here.”

The Giants take the same route every day in search of each other, with the Uncle Giant starting off in Salthouse Dock and the Little Girl Giant beginning at Kings Dock.

Yesterday, crowds of an estimated 15,000 people watched in awe as the Uncle was pulled out of the water and then walked by a dedicated group of attendants.  A container was then brought out, noticeably showing the White Star Line logo, a reminder of the true purpose of the event.

The two are set to meet tomorrow in the finale of a truly wonderful work of art.

Catherine Reid