The University of Liverpool has taken the decision to cancel the mayoral debate scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday April 19th.

Announcing the cancellation, the University said “Due to the risk of potential disruption from various factions, which may impact on staff, student, and public safety at the event, the University has regretfully taken the decision to cancel tomorrow evening’s candidates’ debate.”

LGoS previously refused to host the debate on the grounds that three of the candidates were fascists.

The event was forced to move several times after the number of people attending exceed the space at the Victoria Art Gallery and Museum. The Mountford Hall was proposed but the Sherrington building settled on after the Guild’s veto.

“We condemn the University in giving legitimacy and a platform to fascist speakers and believe that as an International University they should be instead condemning the fascist parties for making our city unsafe for our students,” said the Guild.

A protest had been planned by Liverpool Antifascists and supported by the Guild to oppose the debate.

UoL did say “The University remains committed to providing a neutral and open environment for views to be both debated and challenged.”

Whether the debate will be held elsewhere in the city has not become clear.

A Guild forum earlier this year voted to support anti-fascist movements across campus and in the wider community.