Daniel Kulhe at St. Luke’s Church. Liverpool. Photograph by Ian D. Hall

L.S. Media Rating ****

Daniel Kuhle, as a member of the band Ironside, may be used to appearing on stages in varying venues but nothing would have prepared him to play in the atmosphere of St Luke’s Church.

The gothic almost unsettling feel of a venue that symbolises Liverpool’s refusal to bow down to any one, had already welcomed the Scandinavian band People of K and as the wind started to blow just that little bit harder and the threat of rain to the outside venue becoming a more distinct possibility, Daniel Kuhle’s amazing voice brought back images of filled churches listening intently to the one soloist that would guarantee a capacity attendance.

Daniel opened his set for Liverpool Sound City with the superb Bourbon Sunrise and from that moment he had the undivided attention of those present within the confines of the bombed out church, even when his playing, as crisp and as loud as you could wish for, blew a speaker and for a couple of minutes just hung on stage and his best Australian managed to raise a sympathetic laugh from all concerned.

Untypically of any Australian coming to these shores, Daniel’s music was only partially concerned with alcoholic substances and having a good time. Apart from the opening song and the amazing Barfly’s Lament, the rest of his set was full of powerful and emotional songs that touched the heartstrings. The wonderful Reason to Smile, Inspirational Smile and Attention all garnered popular support from the crowd in the church and even though the ever increasing cold may have put off those at the indoor venues, such as Bumper from coming out and checking out  Daniel Kuhle, those that braved it had a whale of a time.

Daniel Kuhle finished his set with the surprising cover of If Love is a Red Dress (Hang Me in the Morning) by Maria McKee. This song has negative connotations for those that remember the film Pulp Fiction but Daniel Kuhle savoured every note and wrung out every emotion to give the song an impossible positive vibe.

A cracking set by the Ironside band member.

Ian D. Hall