Ellie Phillips launches The Liverpool Music Awards. Photograph by Ian D. Hall

The Women’s Organisation on St. James Street was host to a very special launch by Ellie Phillips on Thursday. So special that it is somewhat surprising that it hasn’t been done before, but then Ellie Phillips is a very inspiring individual whose music and business brain blends itself well to coming up with incredible ideas.

For the heartland of British pop will not have seen anything like this before, and the excitement that will build up before the Liverpool Music Awards 2012 will be palpable throughout the city. It is easy to be blasé about national music awards which have become more of a back slap and in some cases doesn’t reflect the local opinion anywhere.

Ms. Phillips has changed all that in the launch of a night of music awards dedicated to the city and those that love the music of the Liverpool, no matter the genre, no matter the age of the band or gender of the musician or even those that write about and champion the local scenes.

Earlier in the day, The Women’s Organisation had played host to an incredible insight into the lives of some of the inspiring women in the form of a two hour master class. ‘Women and the Music Industry’ showcased the a panel of experts with many years of experience and incredible fortitude to make sure that people realise that the music industry isn’t a dusty old gentleman’s club, ran by the boys for the boys. These included Lisa Southern of Lisa Southern PR, Radio City’s Louise Martin, Jen Corrigan of Fierce Management and Becky Ayres the Chief Operating Officer of Liverpool Sound City. The panel was joined by the ‘obligatory’ male in Francis McEntegart who offered advice on many parts of Media Law.

The afternoon launch was compared by Liverpool’s own and leading music voice Ian Prowse and as the guest musicians showed why the Liverpool music scene is in a very healthy place, Ellie Phillips ran through the procedure and nomination categories. The nominations are now open and can be found on www.liverpoolmusicawards.com and include Live Music Venue of the Year, Album of the Year, Female and Male Artist of the Year and Local Music Champion.

Once the nominations have been shortlisted, public voting will open and the winner of each category will be announced at the official Liverpool Music Awards ceremony- to be held in November.


Ian D. Hall