Hue and Cry. Photograph by Ian D. Hall

L.S. Media Rating ****

There are times when you don’t need a full band behind you giving you the extra impetuous to thrill a capacity crowd. A voice perhaps and keyboard will do and when you are Greg and Pat Kane from Scottish Jazz/Funk stalwarts Hue and Cry.

This was all that was needed to keep a very strong and excited crowd almost beside themselves with energetic eager anticipation. They were not disappointed as the brothers ran through a set list that bought old and new fans together in appreciation of a collection of songs from their latest album Hot Wire and some genuinely stirring classics. It was probably no surprise to anyone that they kicked off the night at Eric’s with the album’s title track before playing strong and incredible songs such as the wonderful Looking For Linda, the passionate, smouldering quiet anger of Duty to the Debtor and the astonishing Truth. The last track was a huge nod to the longevity of Hue and Cry as it was taken from their debut album Seduced And Abandoned.

With an album discography stretching back as far as 1987, there were going to be winners and losers in the crowd on the night who may have wistfully had half an idea that it may have been a night of classics but no one should ever feel disappointed at such a fabulous gig given by two polished and extremely talented men.

In fact there so many good quality songs played, that the excitable crowd that had entered Eric’s was soon replaced by one that sang joyfully along with Pat Kane and listened to the songs with near reverence when called for. This was especially delightful when the band covered the Kate Bush classic The Man With The Child In His Eyes.  All songs deserve attention, no matter the band but when it’s someone with Pat Kane’s incredible vocals matching the first lady of British Progressive Music note for note, emotion for emotion, then it deserves something a little more special from the audience.  In this the crowd excelled and gave the two men on stage the extra strength to finish what was already a great gig into something brilliant.

Other tracks played on a very cool night of music at Eric’s included the dynamic Fail You Better, Hand on Heart, the beautiful Stars Crash Down and the much adored Labour of Love.

A stunning night of music from Hue and Cry and one that should be repeated often!


Ian D. Hall