Over 130 sabbatical officers in the National Union of Students have condemned the student union at Zefat Academic College for requiring any Presidential candidate to have served two years in the Israeli Defense Force, thereby excluding most Palestinian students.

A statement denouncing the policy for its “implicit racism” has been signed recently by re-elected NUS president Liam Burns, and several other national officers. All four of the current LGOS Student Representative Officers, and SRO-elect Chidinma Nwokoro, have also signed the statement which asserts the policy “clearly targets Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

Liverpool Guild of Students President Maev McDaid told LSMedia “this petition is evidence of the growing concern of the racist policies that exist in Israel. It is great to see so many student leaders from across the country and particularly all of the Guild’s SROs sign the petition to say that this is not acceptable.”

The student union at Zefat has recently responded to criticism in the Israeli media: “The revised protocol was approved by the majority of the union’s members which include both Arabs and Jews. The clause is not directed against any particular sector.”

The college has said in a statement it has “no influence” over decisions made by the union.