Labour’s Joe Anderson has been elected as Liverpool’s Mayor after local elections took place yesterday, winning 59.33% of the first preference votes.

This was an overwhelming majority with the second candidate, Independent Liam Fogarty, receiving 8,292 votes compared to Anderson’s 58,448.

The Conservatives received just 4.49% of the vote, and controversial candidates from the BNP, National Front and English Democrats each received less than 2%.

Turnout this year was at 98,507, around 30% of the Liverpool population.

Labour have also done well in areas surrounding Liverpool, including St Helens, Sefton, the Wirral and a landslide in Knowsley of 63 seats to 0. Results for the Liverpool city council are expected later today.

Local elections have taken place around the country, with Manchester, Nottingham, Coventry and Bradford rejecting an elected mayor in their referenda.

The London mayoral election result is expected by 11pm today, Friday 4th May.