Mischa Barton rose to fame in 2003 after landing the role of Marissa Cooper in the hit show The O.C. The show was loved by millions of teenagers across the globe not only for the gripping story lines but also for the great clothing characters Marissa and Summer showcased. Mischa then became a house hold name amongst the fashion elite and graced the covers of both Vogue and Elle. In 2009 Mischa launched a handbag label which was sold in retailers across the country including department store Debenhams. After the success of the handbag range Mischa has embarked on a new project creating a ready-to-wear collection. The collection is only currently available in Dubai however Mischa will be opening a 1000 square foot store in London’s Spitalfields area later this month.

Mischa said the collection will be “for women ranging from 15 to 35. There are different pieces that will appeal to different styles, but the main thing is I wanted it to feel functional and easy to wear.”

When asked what style can we expect from the collection Mischa commented; “It’ll be Forties-meets-Seventies with the occasionally bit of Twenties – that sounds a bit random, but I’ll take elements of different decades. It’ll be a bit like Biba but with a real simplicity of cut and lots of bright colours. The fabrics will be great quality, and there will be lots of separates, like slacks and shirts. I want people to be able to mix and match.”

Prices will range for the very cheap to the extremely expensive but at least there will be something on offer for everyone. Check back later this month to see sneak peak pictures of the collection as it hits the London store.