Stephen Langstaff. Photograph by Ian D. Hall

L.S. Media Rating *****

Stephen Langstaff has come a long way in such a short space of time, it’s a wonder that he has found the time to stand still and reflect on his life so far, let alone go into the studio and come out with a stunning album that does justice to his prestigious talent but also features one of the finest Roy Orbison covers ever recorded.

From supporting The Bangles, Deacon Blue in his home town of Liverpool and touring extensively as support for The Lightning Seeds, Stephen has built an incredible following that’s sure to enjoy this album immensely and one that should be heard by all true lovers of music.

It is easy to make a fuss, a song and dance over anything in life but there are some artists that deserve to be lauded for their talent and in the album Colours, every drop of passion that Stephen can muster is there, leaving both the musician drained and the listener ultimately thrilled by the experience. On this one occasion don’t just take my word for it, but when the wife of the much missed and incredible musicians of our times Roy Orbison writes to you and congratulates you on an interpretation of one of her husband’s songs, the beautiful Only The Lonely then you know this album deserves to be shouted about, raved over and enjoyed.

Colours starts in a simple but exquisite fashion, the child-like nursery rhyme feel of Domino captures the heart of the album, framing it within the realms of sensitive and beauty. This is a song that will have people’s hearts crushed, conflicted by the generous guitar playing but with lyrics that will leave you deliciously sad and reflective. From that moment there is no turning back; you cannot open an album with such intense desire and not continue in the same fashion. Many have tried and very few have ever succeeded. Stephen Langstaff overwhelmingly bucks the trend and on tunes such as Capricorn Beach, Separation and the incredible All Good Americans fit the bill perfectly to keep the listener interested all the way through each moment of stunning vocals and dream like music.

Colours is available to buy at Stephen Langstaff’s gig for Sound City on Thursday 17th May at The Epstein Theatre.

Ian D. Hall