University to invest £65m into new accommodation


The University of Liverpool have announced that they will be investing £65 million into new student accommodation on campus.

The halls will be built on Brownlow Hill and Crown Street, in the centre of campus, and form an integral part of the University’s £600 million redevelopment plan.

Plans have been submitted and the council is expected to reach a verdict in July. Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said  “This development will increase the appeal of the University of Liverpool to potential students right across the country and the world, contributing to Liverpool’s growing status as a distinctive global city.”

Steve Dickson, Director of Facilities Management at the University, said: “The University remains heavily over-subscribed but it’s important that all aspects of our student experience, including our accommodation, remain world-class.”

State-of-the-art facilities and environmentally friendly building techniques are expected to be key to the developments.

The new accommodation on Myrtle Street is currently in development and set to open this September, and this autumn a £9 million refurbishment of the Guild of Students will begin to take shape.

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  • The current student accommodation needs updating, however I enjoyed living at greenbank in first year, but I don’t know if I would want to live on campus.

    (Oh and if anyone comments about Carnatic been better than Greenbank, then your getting banned… just kidding ;))