Before the first race had even started, there had been plenty of attention given to this year’s Royal Ascot, in particular, the strict new dress code for the Royal Enclosure. But, the most exciting part of Ascot is the sensational and dramatic hats, which appear to get bigger and better every year; this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

Katherine Jenkins, fresh from America’s Dancing With The Stars, looked stunning in this grey hat. It is not surprising that Katherine ticks all the right boxes for this event, as she is a regular racegoer at Royal Ascot.



This racegoer is certainly making a meal out of things, sporting a full fry up. Although at first appearance this would look like a daring choice, this was a timid piece of headwear compared to other racegoers’ efforts.


What a sweetheart!


 There was plenty of patriotic head pieces on display…

Once again, the fashion parade at this year’s Royal Ascot did not disappoint. Patriotic red, white and blue headpieces were the most popular style this year, which is not surprising, given all the exciting events happening in our country this year.