With the Summer months so close you can almost smell and taste the salty, sea air, what do busy holiday destinations spell? Tourists, and lots of them. However, if you wish to have a break in a quaint, isolated but not desolate location, why not simply buy your own island…or perhaps the student loan does not cover this.

Okay, so that last sentence may be ambitious, but in this consumerism driven world of 2012, it is apparent that you can’t simply visit and island, but you can now indeed purchase one, for example an island in the region of Madagascar, Africa. This 950 acre island is up for sale, for a measly 4 million euros. Quite frankly, the whole island scenario is one I find fascinating. With online guides labelled “tips on buying your island” it seems that the pecuniary unattainable mother nature is now up for possession.

Whilst buying property internationally is not on every student’s “to do” list, it is an element of life that is quite interesting to consider and to contemplate. We’ve all experienced ambitions and dreams of owning a ferrari (just me?), or a plush stately house, but in terms of travel and purchases abroad, I personally have never encountered someone with an ambition to buy an island. If you won the lottery, would you buy the 4 million euro island off of Madagascar? An interesting opening line for parties “Hi, i’m Clare and I own an island”, yet a little boastful and unnecessary. Travel is travel regardless of destination. It does not simply have to be about the destination, but the journey to that destination. Buying islands may be second nature to those with enough money to do so, however I can’t help but feel it detracts from the heart of travel, and that’s experiencing first hand another culture, and witnessing and embracing those whose culture it is.

“If the island is intended as a weekend getaway or used for just a few days at a time, island regions within a few hours flight of home are a wise decision.” Islands scream ‘desolate’ and ‘isolated’ and this is for a reason. Celebrities would benefit from owning their own islands due to the sheer fact that they can eventually receive some privacy, however for the everyday man and woman, perhaps the dream of owning an island should remain a dream…an unrealistic, hedonist dream.