TopShop Adrenalin Nail Polish Dupe for O.P.I Teenage Dream


A muggy, drizzly and all together miserable Tuesday was immediately brightened today when my wondering eyes stumbled upon the sparkling loveliness that is Adrenalin nail polish by TopShop. Had I finally found a perfect dupe for my all time favourite Nail Polish from the limited edition Katy Perry collection for O.P.I? Yes! From the look of the polish in the bottle I was feeling very hopeful and when I got home and tried it out it did not disappoint! It is nigh on impossible to tell the two apart. Teenage Dream, the popular O.P.I colour goes (if you can find it)for anything up to £13 on sites like EBay and Amazon (excluding p&p) whilst the TopShop polish goes for a measly £6 in comparison. For that price, I shall never be Teenage Dreamless, or should I say Adrenalinless again.

Faith is a 21 year old Music and European Film student. Liverpool born and raised. Fanatical about make-up and easily distracted by anything that glitters. Happiest when relaxing with great friends, great music and a can of Diet Coke. Most definitely been bitten by the travel bug.