The High Violet. Photograph by Ian D. Hall

L.S. Media Rating ***

The o2 Academy, Liverpool has been blessed in the last couple of weeks with some very good support bands. Sometimes these bands are overlooked as the entrée before the main filling, the bread you fill up on before the well served steak is presented to an awaiting audience. In High Violet they really should be considered much more than an appetiser, they have the real chance of making some very big waves in the years ahead of them.

Joel Fellick, Nick Holt, Jake Kugulugo and Ryan Lee make up this young band and they do perform together on stage incredibly well. The other big plus in their favour is that they do play all their own songs. There can be almost nothing worse than seeing the talent that is on offer today, in no matter what genre and all they play is song after song of covers.  The times we live in call for the rebellion of youth that was in evidence in the late seventies and early eighties, the bands today have more access to have a voice, to bring together a new music era via social networks and yet some still will go on and on being safe. There is a time for an entire night of covers done with precision, and this wasn’t a wedding and nor was it a nostalgia fest for the next generation up.

High Violet got that, they played calmly, well balanced songs that struck a chord with those watching. With six songs to offer the assembled crowd at the o2 Academy, they soon demolished their way through them and yet with the some cunning, were able to leave those that had listened, impressed and wanting just that little bit extra.

Opening up the song Up, the four young men charmed and captivated and cajoled the crowd and gave a very good account of themselves during their limited time on stage. Iron Net, Thinking of Glory, the playful and yet bouncy Rush and Strange Beginnings were songs that wouldn’t have been out of place in a band that had been going for ten years.

A very good set by a very good band, full of imagination and the right sort of entertainment for a Saturday night out!

Ian D. Hall