L.S. Media Rating ****

Cast: Roy Brandon, Paul Duckworth, Taylor Parry. Lynn Francis, Lindzi Germain, Lewis Pryor, Connor Laverty, Dan McIntrye, Andrew Schofield, Alan Stocks, Francis Tucker.

When a theatre gets the start of what will be an excellent makeover, it deserves to reopen with one of Liverpool’s finest writers and a cast that is so well versed in raising the laughter to very highest levels of audience enjoyment.

In Dave Kirby, a cast that would make any theatre sit up and beg for their inclusion and the only thing that can divide the city, its support of its rival football teams, and what you are left with is the fabulous Reds and Blues.

The stage, like the city was split in two, the Everton half and the Liverpool half, on one side we meet Dixie, his sister and her son all clad in blue, nothing red ever gets into their lives, not even tomato sauce, and other side of the fence lives Kenny, his wife Annie and their son Stevie, the only blight in the lives of the so called bitter blues.  Both houses are in contempt of the other; both houses torment the other with tales of past glories and whilst it breeds excellent comedy hostility on stage it is pure comedy gold for every member of the audience, no matter their allegiance, Red, Blue or even Tranmere.

With a script from Dave Kirby, you always need a top cast to bring the production to life and when you add into the mix the partnership of Paul Duckworth and Andrew Schofield as the two footballing rivals then fireworks, or even the odd missile are sure to go off. Alongside these two stalwarts of the Royal Court were the ever incredible Lindzi Germain and Lynn Parry as the two equally embittered football fanatics, Roy Brandon as Franny the Tranny and Alan Stocks as the Blue Bishop who showed just how the mitre…mighty can fall in their fanaticism and the ever talented Francis Tucker.

The stars on the night though were the two young lads who played Everton supporting Ronaldo and Liverpool devotee Stevie. Both Taylor Parry and Lewis Pryor were on exceptional form as they stole the show from the seasoned performers on stage.

It is a huge welcome back to the Royal Court theatre, a bow towards the pen and colourful imagination of Dave Kirby and as was provided by a very satisfied audience, applause upon applause for the cast that made Reds and Blues such an impressive and enjoyable night out.

Ian D. Hall