Students express outrage at prospect of National Culturists society


Students have expressed their outrage at a students’ aim to set up a ‘National Culturists’ society from September.

Jack Buckby, a 19-year-old Politics students and self-appointed Chairman of the National Culturists launched a website and ideology earlier this year, along with a team of other young people.

The ideology of the group states they are “aimed at promoting love and a desire to preserve culture and people all over the world.”

It asserts “multiculturalism is causing the decline of diversity” and “together, we can save Great Britain.”

A group of students, along with the Liverpool Antifascists have come together to issue a statement saying “We call on Liverpool Guild of Students to refuse to allow the ‘National Culturalists’ to form a student society, under whatever name or banner.”

“We feel the promotion of these ideas on our campus and in our city goes against all the values of our university and the society we wish to live in, and their presence could leave many of our students and staff intimidated.

“We call on all students, staff, societies, student representatives, trade unions and faith organisations to oppose the presence of the National Culturalists’ and unite to make our campus and our city a place that accepts all regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or ability.”

Buckby has used the University of Liverpool Freshers Facebook page to promote the society, asking “Are you socially conservative? Want to meet like-minded students?”

The group are also encouraging other students to set up university societies, creating literature on their website with the slogan “the only patriotic group on campus”.

The group also use YouTube to create messages, including their views on democracy and racism.

In one such video Buckby claims that “marriage is between one man and one woman… gay people have the right to marriage”. The LGBT society have expressed their distate for his views.

Liverpool Anti-Fascists also condemned the group in a statement last week, saying “We hope students at the University of Liverpool make it clear to Buckby et al that they are not welcome!”

The National Culturists have issued a statement in reply, saying “The National Culturists are sad to hear that ‘antifascist’ groups are classing us as racist and as nazis.

“Our group consists of people from a wide range of different political parties, some members have Jewish heritage, and some of our members are devoted Christians, so we’re quite offended.

“We are here to oppose fascism and racism, and promote freedom of speech – and through our efforts at this early stage of our movement’s life, we will campaign as hard as possible to ensure that the people of Liverpool are given ‘both sides of the story’, so to speak.”

The Guild are aware of the situation, but have yet to receive an application to start a new society.

In the last year, LGoS has been the centre for several debates on the idea of a no platform policy. They refused to host a mayoral debate after condemning the University for “giving legitimacy and a platform to fascist speakers”. The University eventually cancelled the debate claiming students’ safety was at risk.

The policy would prevent speakers and organisations seen to infringe upon the existing safe space from entering the Guild. As yet no such decision has been made.

Multiculturalism has become the buzz word for such debates in recent years, particularly since David Cameron claimed state multiculturalism had failed in February 2011. These issues came to the fore when Nick Griffin became the first BNP Member of European Parliament in 2009.


  • jackbuckby

    The fact that I have no been contacted for comment shows the clear bias you show towards a given political ideology. The culturist stance is not understood, as we are the first culturist movement in Britain.

    However, you have instantly believed want a bunch of thugs have told you as ‘truth’. You do realise that these antifascists are violent wannabe thugs, right? You do realise that they’ve tried to attack elderly women before now and been arrested for it? I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    You are showing a clear bias towards myself and my members, and this is totally unacceptable. I will be taking action against this bias, I assure you.

  • jackbuckby

    Furthermore, you have tagged this as ‘Nick Griffin’. Nick and the BNP have nothing to do with the National Culturists. We are not an ethno nationalist movement, we are a *culturist* movement.

    If these alleged ‘anti fascists’ (who use violent fascist techniques to silence the people that they don’t like, and in doing so go against democracy) actually understood what we were about, then I wouldn’t mind – but they don’t, and as soon as they throw a hissy fit because someone disagrees with them, you lot let them spread their vile.

    Tell me, why does the university support them? Why does the university take sides, and then claim it’s about safety – when in reality, the antifascists are the ones who promote violence, and there is plenty of proof of that. On the other hand, the National Culturists thoroughly oppose ANY form of violence against ANYBODY – and yet, we’re still considered as ‘unacceptable’.

    There are many problems in this university and I intend to take action – and I intend to get results.

    • LSMedia Web Team

      Hi Jack,

      I have removed the Nick Griffin tag. I’m sure Millie would be more than happy to hear from you directly, you can contact her by emailing

      • James Margeson

        Mr Buckby says openly on his own facebook page that Griffin is the politician he most admires and that he votes BNP. Moreover he, and two other of the other leading members of his group, have photos taken posing with Griffin.

        Even if this is all somehow an unfortunate coincidence, their website describes the BNP in glowing terms: “The British National Party is the most successful Nationalist party that has ever existed in Britain. It is founded on a belief if [sic] preserving freedom, democracy, culture, race and global diversity.”

        The assertion that they have “nothing to do” with the BNP is therefore a bit of a stretch even for Mr Buckby’s warped logic.

        • LSMedia Web Team

          I haven’t researched the group – I am going solely by the article which only mentions Nick Griffin in passing. I wouldn’t say he is one of the main subjects/stakeholders of the article.

          • James Margeson

            Apologies, I intended that to be a reply to initial comment from Mr Buckby, not to yourself.

  • James Margeson

    An open statement written by a University of Liverpool student has been put up here:

    I find it revealing that he made a video (since deleted) that described immigration of Muslims as the “white holocaust”. Its interesting not only that it is the same fascist doublespeak that the BNP and National Front use, but also that it was deleted, perhaps as he tries to present a more moderate front for the new group (or maybe its simply fell afoul of youtube’s TOS).

  • MarkScarborough

    Hello Jack.

    Why does your movement promote the racial discrimination of people with Islamic ethnicity?

  • jackbuckby

    As explained to to you Mark, many, many times over, we do not promote racial discrimination. When we talk about Islam and the Qur’an, we really don’t care about the race of people following it or reading it. We are not referring to race, we are simply referring to the religion and the people that might follow it – regardless of race.

    Your previous argument about the race relations act is beyond irrelevant, but mostly insane – when we talk about Islam, we are not talking about race.


    As for James – it’s this simple. Some of our members are BNP members, yes. Those members have had pictures with Nick Griffin.
    But we also have members from other political parties, and if you look on our website, we list a whole range of political websites/parties, which we believe promote the culturist cause to some extent. This list includes the multi-racial Christian Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party and even the Conservatives.

    The only reason this has blown up by the ‘antifascists’ (even though they, in fact, are fascists) is because they see a mention of the BNP and start throwing a hissy fit. As usual…

    • MarkScarborough

      You don’t understand what the law says, do you?

      Let me take you through it. It would help if you looked up the Race Relations Act 1976. Section 1(1)(a) states very clearly that “A person discriminates against another in any circumstances relevant for the purposes of any provision of this Act if—

      a)on racial grounds he treats that other less favourably than he treats or would treat other persons”

      What does ‘racial grounds’ mean? Well Section 3(1) defines this for us. It states ““racial grounds” means any of the following grounds, namely colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins”

      Ethnicity is therefore a ground upon which racial discrimination can occur.

      What is ethnicity? The Act does not define this, so we can look at the Oxford Dictionary of Law (7th ed. 2009) and this defines ethnicity as being “…a group whose members are nationals of a state and possess cultural, religious or linguistic characteristics distinct from those of the total population…”

      Therefore negatively targeting a religious group is clearly contravening the Race Relations Act 1976.

      Do you grasp this? How is that insane? What is insane are your views and your movement, Jack.

  • Millie Kidson

    Hi Jack,

    To clarify, the tag ‘Nick Griffin’ was added to the article purely because he is briefly mentioned and we usually tag those named in articles to enhance our profile across search engines. If there are any other issues you would like to discuss, please get in touch on, as our web team has already said.

  • jackbuckby

    Mark, we have already had this discussion and the Race Relations Act is not only totally absurd, but totally irrelevant – I am not talking about a race of people. If I wanted to talk about a race of people, I would have said so.

    I am talking about a RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY and that’s IT.
    Simple. Deal with it – I’m telling you that I am not referring to race – so quite simply, I’m not referring to race.

    • Charlotte Nichols

      You are a bellend.
      I’m telling you that I haven’t just called you a bellend- so quite simply, I didn’t just call you a bellend.


      The fact you’re saying you’re not talking about race doesn’t mean you aren’t in fact talking about race. If you really don’t want to be talking about race and it is irrelevant to culturism, how about understanding comprehension and structuring an argument better?