For the spectators inside the Olympic Venue in East-London who had made the effort to be in their seats as the resumption of the Men’s Decathlon took place, there wouldn’t have been a single person there wondering and musing over the incredible all round athlete from America, the immense figure of Ashton Eaton.

The man from Portland and who studied at the University of Oregon has simply stood head and shoulders above the rest of peers and is not only a credit to his country but to sport in general. There is nothing better than seeing an athlete of any sport persuasion than one who looks as though they are enjoying their particular discipline. In Ashton Eaton, there is no doubt he is up there with the likes of Usain Bolt and going back further Daley Thompson at his absolute prime.

In the 110 metre hurdles, both he and his team mate Trey Hardee took everyone and found them wanting as they and the German Rico Freimuth became only three of the competitors in the field to break the 14 second mark. Trey Hardee secured a personal best time of 13.54which narrowly edged out Eaton’s seasons best of 13.56. The Canadian entrant of Damian Warner, who had been in third place at the start of day three, had a disappointing run of 14.38.

It was perhaps a shock to the home crowd who had already got used to the sight of the American powerhouse taking everybody on come down the field during the discus. In the Pole Vault, Chile’s Gonzalo Barroilhet stormed through the field to give the South American fans something to cheer. However on his shoulder was the figure of the United States athlete Eaton was ever present and ever indomitable as he secured 972 points in the event to take him within a whisker of gaining gold for his country.

Ashton Eaton took another stride towards ultimate glory with a personal best throw in the Group B Javelin event. Although a way off Cuba’s Leonel Suarez who had the crowd cheering the phenomenal sight of an Olympic Best being smashed with a throw of 76. 94metres.This was possibly one of the great throws of all time and one the watching world would have enjoyed witnessing.

In the end though sheer dominance and absolute athleticism showed as Ashley Eaton became the next hero for American sport. There was time when the athletic events were dominated by U.S.S.R. and the United States, for a long period that seems to not be the case as other emerging nations have eaten into the gold that America used to take for granted, in Trey Hardee and the new Olympic champion Ashley Eaton they might just see the sight of the American flag run up the pole a little more often.

 Final top placings:

Gold: Ashton Eaton (United States of America)  8869 points

Silver: Trey  Hardee (United Stated of America  8671 points

Bronze: Leonal Suarez ( Cuba) 8523 points

4th. Hans Van Alphen (Belgium) 8447 points

5th. Damien Warner (Canada) 8442 points


Ian D. Hall