The Men’s K 4 1000 metres final started badly for the team from Hungary as they initially false started, jumping the gun and receiving a warning for their pains.

That aside the race was as exhilarating as it could have hoped to be and for Australia it was time to finally shine at these 2012 Olympic Games. Not for many years had the Australians performed so badly on the track and field nor on the water, thankfully for their proud nation, the two Smith, Stewart and Clear made short work of a field that consisted of the absolute favourites Germany and the talented Czech Republic.

The false start didn’t faze the Australian foursome who was incredibly quick off the starting line. The foursome looked all the way through the gruelling 1000 metres to have a point to prove, that the funding cuts in Australian sport were not going to affect them in the same way that the other competitors have faced.

The result never really looked in any doubt; the Australian team looked far too strong for every other team to cope with. The Hungarian team, who had false started initially, finished very well to come second and grab the silver ahead of the Czech Republic. It is to be wondered if Hungary hadn’t had the extra pressure of the threat of being relegated out of the final for one more false start how much more they would have pushed the Australians to the line.

Perhaps the biggest shock of the day saw the heavily fancied German team finish outside of the medal positions. Being unable to match the prowess of the men’s doubles will rankle with the German national team but then nothing should take away the incredible speed and agility of a fantastic Australian side.

Gold: Australia.

Silver: Hungary

Bronze: Czech Republic

Ian D. Hall