Raleigh International vow “we offer a number of different programmes, for individuals and groups of all nationalities and backgrounds. Whatever your situation, we have a programme for you”, so if you are looking to do something worthwhile and see some more of the world at the same time, working with Raleigh International could be ideal.

Running expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, India and Tanzania for individuals aged 17 – 75, of any nationality or background, Raleigh International Volunteers work on a combination of altruistic and personal motives. Tasks include working on community and environmental projects as well as undertaking a tough adventure challenge where volunteers are placed for 5, 7 or 10 weeks, depending on your preference. Whilst making a difference for a community who really need it, abroad work in Raleigh International can help you become clearer about your values and career goals.

However if you are unsure of volunteering yourself with Raleigh International for whatever reason, the option to support them is still available to all. Hosting a range of events including a 2-day 5okm walk last year helped raise awareness and funds for the charity…something we all know charities depend upon. LSMedia’s own Features and Comments editor Adele Halsall is currently embarking on her expedition to India. If you like the look of what you’ve seen in this article feel free to save Raleigh International to your pages, you never know when you may want to make a change and experience the world with fresh eyes. Help Adele on her journey by seeing how she’s getting on here: