[4_stars ]

Cast: Sean Hutchinson, Ellie Stevenson, Jack Malone, Greg Prentice, Igor Memic, Matthew Pieterse, Matthew Exley.

A perfect happy world where everyone is nice to each other and life is able to go down the path towards a serene future, it may sound like bliss, a state which we all strive…one that come with repercussions that the mood you feel is not one you that you have attained by natural means.

The play, Happy, has been written by Igor Memic and bought to life by the superb writing of the Bosnian Playwright, the fortitude of Director Rebecca Cope and Assistant Director Rio Matchett and a cast that have the absolute faith in what they are performing.

The Lantern Theatre on Blundell Street has become a gem for giving new theatre a home, whether for one night or several. By hosting Igor Memic’s Happy, especially before it makes its way to Edinburgh for the celebrated Fringe, this act shows faith in a play that pulls no punches in and excels in taking apart the corporate greed and dysfunctional servants.

In parts this play was dynamic, brutally shocking, a force of un-remitting dystopia that chilled the blood and showed the damnation that ultimately ends all lives when hope is taken away. This play also used the effect of the insane humour that abounds in the risky world of high finance, where money isn’t just gambled and the lives of those inside and out are there to be gambled with and sometimes the results are not pleasant.

The interaction between Sean Hutchinson as the father and the alleged lead boss in the banking world and the other members of the cast was impressive. As his world started to crumble and crack around him, the words of the Professor, played with a great sense of the immaculate by Matthew Exley became more apparent and the laughter became more forced, more sterile and the final crack in the banker’s life was shocking and yet with a sense of guilt that even those that control pawns are not always the king.

An excellent play which will challenge the preconceptions of those that believe happiness is a state of mind.

Igor Memic’s Happy will be at the Edinburgh Fringe from 20th to the 25th August at the Greenside Venue at 6.10 pm.

Ian D. Hall