What is a student to do? The day is only 24 hours long, you have so much writing to do, books to read and assignments to get through and usually at the expense of meals or even sleep. Of course it is worth it, that piece of paper that you get in front of your peers after three years incredible work will be worth more to you than you ever realise. It will be a crowning achievement on your time at University.

You still have to eat though and there are only so many bags of pasta you can wade your way through before the sight of mince and spaghetti drive you mad. Imagine the scenario, as a good student you have been in the library most of the night, revising, searching out the lesser spotted quote that might get put you on the road to a much coveted first. Dawn has broken over the city of Liverpool and you realise that at 5.30 in the morning that you are hungry. You think longingly to the food you left in the fridge from the evening before and then you receive a text from your house mate thanking you for the food they found in the fridge and once the next student loan comes in they will replace it.

You’re overworked and starving hungry. The words suddenly make less sense than algebraic equation and the rumbles from your stomach are loud enough to make the person on the other side of American literature reach for their phone and start to dial the number reserved for students who can’t concentrate because of the noise. There’s only one thing for it and that’s to eat. Nothing at home, you could faint before then and all the shops and cafés won’t be open for hours.

There is help at hand though and it won’t cost a fortune to eat at. Don’t go expecting the Ritz, don’t go with a plan of fine dining. However do expect excellent food, people to talk to at 5.30 in the morning, should you wish and certainly the tea and coffee is a welcome sight after many long hours in the University libraries.

Bolton street, tucked right alongside the gateway to the city, Lime Street Station, is home to the 24/7 café owned by Owen Fairhurst. Inside the doorway the aroma of any type of breakfast will impress your nostrils and the saliva glands that had begun to think you were never going to eat again start to work. As the name implies the café, usually inhabited by hungry taxi drivers, is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s busy, incredibly busy during the day and at night it doesn’t need to scream or advertise heavily to get people in and sample good home cooking.

Restaurants have their place obviously, some of the best places to eat can be found in the city and offer good meals but at any time of day when you are hungry after working yourself to a standstill, there is really no where better to have something to munch and enjoy the banter that goes along with it.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat, to take refuge from the rain during the time between lectures and tutorials then the 24/7 Café is an oasis in a night time city.

Ian D. Hall