Critics may still, even now, try to dampen our post-Olympic euphoria with talks of ‘money better spent’ and let’s face it, darn right nit-picking rubbish. Their faith in the legacy wavering, as the country dips further into recession. Cries of biased coverage and ‘too much’ patriotism blinding the view of the real picture, has become unfounded in the wake of what has been hailed the greatest Games of all time. In fact, the world speaks for itself in printed form as papers hit the stands across the globe.

Washington Post

“The host country truly was Great Britain. London delivered a rousing Olympics. I wasn’t in Beijing, but the consensus is these were the most organised, enthralling and enjoyable Games since Sidney. The UK hasn’t had that high opinion of itself for a while – it’s been absolutely rejuvenating for Britain’s esteem.”

Indian Express

“It was a £9Billion; largely glitch-free Games. Brazil has a lot to live up to. London 2012, was the most expensive Games ever but considering the scale of the event and the media scrutiny it attracts, it can be termed a fairly reasonable return on investment. True, the flag foul-up early on, reports of the inconvenience the Olympic bus lanes caused to locals and a few empty stadiums, were issues. But they were all attended to long before they could bite.”

Melbourne Age

“London, you didn’t half do a decent job. These Olympics had Sydney’s vibrancy, Athen’s penache, Beijing’s efficiency, and added British know-how and drollery. With apologies to Sydney, they may just represent a new PB for the Olympics. They were superbly organised. The Olympics park’s setting proved inspired.”

New York Times

“The Olympics will also be remembered for what did not happen here. There were no security scares, despite hand-wringing about how vunerable London might be to acts of terrorism. This was an astoundingly seamless production. The Games have hit this country like an extra-strength dose of a mood-enhancing drug.”

Le Figaro

“It was time for an unbridled self-congratulation in London after seeing fears over the country’s ability to organise the event vanish one by one. A cocktail of friendliness, Anglo-Saxon efficiency and dirigisme that worked well, notably with an atmosphere at the Olympic sites that was unanimously appreciated. Even if the financial return is far from assured, who cares! The country has found a kind of sacred union.”