What Will We Do Now?!


And so, it ends. London 2012, which has given us two weeks of glorious and intoxicating entertainment, is no longer. The years of waiting and anticipating, the worrying of whether it can fulfill its potential, the nine BILLION pounds thrown into the project… Well, was it worth it?

1000% yes. In fact, the void which has now filled many a households leaves us asking the question…

The LSMedia team pontificate over the recent events which have bequeathed us unbridled merriment.

Dani is reading Politics at the University of Liverpool. She was the Editor In Cheif for LSMedia in 2011/12. Dani is an ardent writer and is on the continual path of gaining as much work experience as possible, including working with the BBC. She indulges in a little Arthouse cinema, wine and books galore to relax. Dani wishes she could travel forever. Happiest when trekking through South East Asia. She looks forward to an exciting year with LSMedia and hopes to encourage and enthuse the entire team.
  • Its not over yet – as Jeremy Hunt said we’re only half way through!