The Olympics have been and gone, the hangover to be settled briefly by the Paralympics but all in all we’re left to reflect on the senior moment which brought us Mandeville and Wenlock alongside the arming civilian homes, and incompetencies of G4S. This all being said, even the most ardent sportsphobes were swayed somewhat in favour of the festivities, and on the world stage the kids down south did alright. So what next? How will this legacy play out? The Olympic Stadium will be sold to Tottenham, West Ham or neither and London has been awarded the IAAF World Championships in 2017, closer to home a small but vocal group are pushing Liverpool’s own Legacy.

In the depths of the internet a movement is forming to bring the Commonwealth Games to Liverpool in either 2022 or 2026, never wanting to be upstaged by our rivals on the far end of the East Lancs road and with competition still very much the Zeitgeist of this country. Messages have already been sent to the Mayor’s office and the Echo to test the water, alongside this an epetition runs till the end of September in the hope of convening an official meeting with a senior councillor to further discuss feasibility. At first it feels like a product of the times, bandwangonesque but underlying the forums and the petition is a serious belief that:
A) It’s the direction (as a city) we were promised by Joe Anderson’s electioneering, to once again place Liverpool on the world stage, by bidding for as many international events/conferences/competitions the city is eligible for.
B) That the city could legitimately pull it off.

It’s safe to say the feasibility of the games have yet to be thought through exhaustively but points raised on the petition are engaging. Largely comparing Manchester’s previous bids and eventual success with similarities here, there are deviations which highlight Liverpool’s particular strengths such as City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club known as a centre of excellence which sent 4 gymnasts including bronze medalist Beth Tweddle to this years games. With Liverpool FC’s everlasting quest for a new stadium continuing on, a bid to push the commonwealth games would only be beneficial for them, an agreement similar to that of Manchester City Football Club and the city council could be put in place where both parties pay a fair share of the proceedings (on top of the private funding and national funding which would inevitably be provided) to avoid the tight fistedness taking place currently.

The figures may be lowly on the petition at the moment but there is no reason to not take this a little bit further up the hierarchy, whether you are into sport or not, the benefits of having such a large event taking place in the city would mean that we would see improvements right through our transport system to our green spaces. I invite you to spread the word and sign the petition below.

Spencer Montagu