Richard O’ Flynn , part of All We Are. Photograph by Ian D. Hall


The city of Liverpool has so many venues capable of holding a special gig it practically overflows and embarrasses other cities of the same stature. However for all that, the three musicians that make up All We Are could play in a run-down warehouse at three in the morning and still the vibe and passion from Richard O’ Flynn, Luis Santos and the tremendous Guro Gikling would have the building humming with excitement and generous applause.

All We Are remain one of the best bands to catch live in Liverpool, their haunting melodies and inspired music gives the credence of the beauty of diversity that Liverpool can thrive upon. For the audience that seemed to pack itself into Leaf on Bold Street there would be no argument as they cheered at the end of every song as if their lives depended upon it.

The three musicians kicked off their set at Leaf with This Low and Smoke Signals, two excellent songs that just somehow manage to get beneath the skin and take hold of any bitterness in your day and give it meaning instead. They aren’t the only band that calls Liverpool home to be able to do that but there is something particularly about the voices of these three musicians, that along with the three women who make up Stealing Sheep, give a little something extra, a sort of extra charm that can get lost in other genres.

There may have been a very high profile gig going on in the city that night, a certain musician or two down at the Echo Arena but for the audience upstairs in Leaf that would hardly have mattered. Other songs were played with the same intensity, songs that had the ethereal feel of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross in their gentle guitars and sweeping drums. The incredible Cardhouse was instantly greeted like a returning hero and the subtle beauty of Sundowner was just as enjoyable.

The only real disappointment was the lack of time afforded to the band, a time limit of half an hour is not enough to get the real feel of the three musicians on stage but then again, 30 minutes is better than nothing at all.

A cracking gig to witness in a very good venue.

Ian D. Hall