Deacon Blue, one of the greats of Scottish pop music, arrive soon in Liverpool as part of their eagerly awaited U.K. tour on October 20th. As support for the band that have just released the exceptional The Hipsters album will be the excellent Azadeh. No stranger to Liverpool audiences Azadeh was part of the cool Angels In White who wowed crowds when they last played in the city. I was able to catch up with this very talented and charming singer/songwriter before the tour starts in earnest.        

How much are you looking forward to coming to Liverpool and the U.K. tour?

Oh my, I absolutely cannot wait. It’s my first ever tour as Azadeh, so I am absolutely thrilled to be touring with Deacon Blue and to be on tour generally and to be playing Liverpool as I absolutely love it there; it kind of feels like my home away from home as I have been there a few times. I do love it, it has a special place in my heart.”

As you say you have played here before, where did you perform?

“I actually played the Echo Arena support Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra but that was part of another band that I was in, so I am looking forward to playing my own solo material.”

Is there anywhere else special that you are looking forward to performing at as part of the tour?

I am looking forward to playing at every single place because it will be such a new experience for me, kind of playing to people who have never heard my stuff and to the large audiences. I am looking forward to every single date. I am really looking forward to Liverpool because the gig is in the Arena, and that’s big and scary and I love that but I suppose the biggest thing that I am looking forward to is playing at The Roundhouse in London because that’s my home, it will be really crazy to be up on that stage and sharing the stage with other artists that I have admired and seen. The Liverpool show will be great because Deacon Blue have a massive following there, that will be extra special.”

How much are you looking forward to supporting Deacon Blue?

Oh my gosh, well they are absolute legends, I am so lucky and I am in a great position as I love their songs and I do remember listening to Real Gone Kid when I was a little kid, dancing my head along to them. It’s a little intimidating but very, very exciting and I am looking forward to meeting the guys and seeing how they work, how they operate and I think it’s going to be an extra special gig as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and I am sure they will have a lot of tricks up their sleeve and new songs to showcase. It’s very inspiring for me.”

What can audiences expect from your own set on the tour?

“Well I started off as an acoustic artist and that’s where I always remain in my heart but I have lots of different kind of bands, this set up is really exciting as I have a full band I am playing with so we are really going to rock out and it’s something I am not used to doing as I am a singer/songwriter so it is extra special for me, I shall be getting out my electric guitar and my songs are pop songs really, pop songs with an edge and I am going to do my best to play the songs I think that Deacon Blue fans will really enjoy hearing. My songs are about making the most of your life, they aren’t too mushy and lovey dovey but I like to make people feel hopeful and feel good about themselves and having a good feeling when they leave the venue.”

One of your songs that you have written in the past, My Melody, is a very sweet tune, very cool and very beautiful in its construction.

“Thank you, I actually wrote and arranged that song for a girl band I was in before.  We performed that song quite a lot as it suited the five part harmonies. It’s a reference to being in America and feeling like I finally am who I am and not pretending to be an artist, I feel now I am walking the walk and talking the talk and feeling good about it and true to myself finally.”

A more grown up approach?   

“Yes definitely, yes.”

Will the gig be promoting an E.P or an album?

“I am still recording my album, I will hopefully have some songs to give away, that’s not confirmed yet so please just watch this space.” 

Any words for the audiences who will come to see you in Liverpool?

“Please be gentle with me, (laughs) no, no, I have a lot of friends from Liverpool, It’s pretty much the only city in the world where every person is very, very nice. I just hope everybody enjoys the night and has a connection with the songs, for me that is the most important thing, that’s why I went into music and why I continue to be a songwriter.”        


Tickets for Deacon Blue and Azadeh at the Liverpool Echo are available from the Liverpool Echo Box office, from the ticket quarter on Queen Square. Tickets are priced at £26.50/ £36.50.


Ian D. Hall

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