On Monday Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS) will host a launch event for a national demonstration in London called by the National Union of Students (NUS).

This is the first such demonstration called by the NUS since the infamous #demo2010 march on 10th of November 2010 which saw up to 52,000 students take to the streets of London.

The march is planned for Wednesday the 21st of November under the slogan Educate, Employ and Empower. It was called after a motion successfully passed NUS national conference in April this year. Delegates from Liverpool University voted for the motion.

Talking to LSMedia after the conference Harry Anderson, an elected delegate from Liverpool, said “a national demo, I feel, is one of the biggest ways to show the government that the masses are opposed to their reforms to education, and that £9k tuition fees are totally unacceptable.”

NUS President Liam Burns said, when announcing the demonstration, that “its about time we [students] starting setting the agenda, not reacting to it.

“From access to education to youth unemployment, getting on the housing ladders to the closure of local services – when Government continually attacks and undermines the future of students, young people and entire communities, this demonstration is a firing gun in the fight for a far more positive future.”

The event is at 16.00 in the Guild and will be addressed by the NUS Vice President for Higher Education. Students are invited to come along and offer their opinions on 9k fees, graduate jobs and how the demonstration can be best planned for.