This year sees Liverpool celebrate its ninth Homotopia event across the city this autumn. The event presents the visual arts, performances, film and debate that reflects non-hetrosexual experiences and diversity.

The festival theme this year is ‘Traditional Family Values’ and encompasses over 35 events including new commissions and world premieres that rejoices, observes, interrogate and explore ‘the family’ in all its diversity.

Highlights of this year’s event include;

  • the world premiere of ‘Epstein’ a multi media play about the man that made the Beatles in the 50th anniversary year of their meeting,
  • the first solo show outside London of work by 2009 Turner Prize nominee Enrico David
  • U.K. premiere of Habibi Problem by Austrian dance company cieLaroque
  • the recreation of a council house as live art set inside Camp and Furnace
  • U.K. premieres of 2 new films by New York director Matt Wolf
  • drag fabulist Dickie Beau presents an exploration of the pain and madness of stardom using rare ‘found’ audio of Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland
  • Acoustic performance by Patrick Wolf as part of his world tour

Describing this year’s festival, Homotopia Director Gary Everett said; “Politicians and religious leaders continue to attack gay and trans peoples’ human rights at home and abroad making festivals like Homotopia ever more pertinent. We present this cornucopia of controversial, camp and colourful culture as a proud demonstration of the rich wealth of talent that exists within our queer family.”


The Gallery, Stanhope Street, L1
15 September to 15 October 

10am – 2pm Sats, 10am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri

Presented by Homotopia as part of the Independents – Liverpool Biennial.
Duggie Fields’ work is a stunning combination of popular and classical imagery reworked by the artist into his own signature style.  The exhibition includes paintings, prints and objects, which open a window into Fields flamboyant world with pieces from his archive as well as previously unseen work. For this exhibition, selected iconic images are presented in a new way, with his high colour, post-pop figures, turned into large wall mounted perspex sculptures.

Duggie Fields trained at the Chelsea School of Art in the 1960’s. He has held solo exhibitions in London, Tokyo and New York. Homotopia is delighted to present, for the first time in the North West, an anthology of his dynamic, dazzling paintings and imagery.


Open Eye Gallery, Mann Island, L3 1BP

15 September – 25 November

 Tues- Sun 10.30am to 5pm

Mark Morrisroe, an instrumental figure in the 1970’s Boston punk scene, was 30 years old when he died of an AIDS-related illness in1989. The work displayed here, made during his final years, uses photographs and X-ray images alongside other ephemera. Many of these works were produced in a makeshift darkroom in his hospital bathroom. His photographic work revolved around the friends and lovers of his everyday milieu, and the exploration of his own image and identity.

Mark Morrisroe: Super-8 Films

22 November 7pm
FACT, Wood Street, L1

This special screening presents Mark Morrisroe’s rarely seen Super-8 films. The Laziest Girl in Town (1981), Hello from Bertha (1983) and Nymph-O-Maniac (1984) are underground home movies filled with thrift-store costumes, cheapo gore, trashy dialogue and gratuitous nudity, starring Morrisroe and his friends as performers.

Presented in partnership with the Open Eye Gallery as part of Liverpool Biennial 2012 – The Unexpected Guest.


Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, L3
15 September  to 9 December

Top of Form

The Arts Council Collection will be presenting Enrico David’s major installation ‘Madreperlage’ (2003) and more recent works on paper as part of the Liverpool Biennial. Enrico David was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2009. This will be the first solo presentation of his work in England outside London. David works in painting, sculpture and collage, often drawing on craft techniques. ‘Madreperlage’ (2003) characteristically includes semi-grotesque theatrical figures as well as elements that veer towards the vocabulary of design. The exhibition is part of ‘The Arts Council Collection Partnerships supported by Christie’s’, a new collaboration between the Arts Council Collection and four regional museums to develop a dynamic programme of displays and exhibitions based on loans from the Collection.

 Enrico David Explored

23 November, 1pm

Walker Art Gallery Exhibitions Officer Linda Pittwood will give an insight into the installation ‘Madreperlage’, Enrico David’s career and the production of this exhibition.

The Gallery, Stanhope Street, L1
20 October – 21 November

10am – 2pm Sats, 10am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri

 Presented by Homotopia as part of the Independents – Liverpool Biennial.
Andrew Logan has exhibited his jewellery and sculptures all over the world from India to Beverley Hills, St Petersburg to Mexico, creating commissions for The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and The Flowers East Gallery, London.

Andrew famously created the Alternative Miss World events which have been an exciting and creative part of London’s cultural calendar since the early 1970’s. These spectacular events played host to a diverse and wide ranging cast of renowned artists, designers and actors, (e.g David Hockney, Derek Jarman and Brian Eno) and featured in the recent film ‘The British Guide to Showing Off’.

Now Homotopia will premiere a retrospective show of Andrew’s sculptures, portraits and jewellery which will include work from his own sculpture museum in Berriew, in the Welsh Marches, as well as new commissions created for the exhibition.

Camp & Furnace , Greenland Street, L1
30 October  to 11 November

12 noon until 5pm daily

Homotopia commission

An immersive theatre & live art experience. Council House Movie Star captures the sublimely bizarre characteristics of the everyday life of Gale Force, an ageing WAG/HAG queen (and failed child star of OMO Washing Powder) in her resurrected Council House. Audiences are invited to step through the front door into Gale’s dated council house interior. Visitors might see Gale or her social worker Dawn Patrol, friend Donna Reah or international drag queen Cris D’Bray. There is also a 15 minute film shot in the original council house in Manchester. What happens when drag queens get old in this unforgiving, youth obsessed, Jeremy Kyle world?

Council House Movie Star has been funded by Edge Hill University and is a collaboration between performance artist, dance maker and Senior Lecturer Mark Edward (Department of Performing Arts, Edge Hill University) and award winning film makers and Senior Lecturers Rosa Fong and Dr Mark Fremaux (Department of Media, Edge Hill University).

10 & 11 November 2pm

Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, L1

Post Olympics anarchic interrogation of the body, muscle, ageing & size. David Hoyle explores identity, types and labels from gay culture. An afternoon romp in the Walker’s Sculpture Gallery. Featuring live art & performance from Timberlina, Holestar, Bette Bourne, Rhyannon Styles, Gianni Rochetta & Vilo Kinos.

31 October & 1 November 6pm

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Homotopia commission

1 Dancer…1 Audience……..1 Song…….1 Experience.  A unique dance experience from multi award-winning choreographer Darren Pritchard. Beautiful music and pure dance are combined together to create a skilfully crafted solo. Once the rules of engagement are laid out and boundaries are set, you will have a private dance for your eyes only.

14 November 7.30pm

Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, L1

U.K. Premiere

The Arabic word “Habibi” is the male connotation of darling/my beloved. Based on a true story, this moving dance piece from Austria’s most prolific touring dance company explores the struggle of two gay Iranian teenagers.


Sat 3rd Nov 7.30pm

The Dance Studio, Liverpool Community College, Myrtle Street, L7

Award winning choreographer Gary Clarke, in association with Edge FWD and 12 Degrees North, brings together 3 of his most recent dance works in an electrifying evening that will move, excite and enthral.

Mentored and directed by the late Nigel Charnock, Horsemeat is a bold, brash and brutally honest autobiographical solo that confronts the gritty realities surrounding love, life, sexuality and the pains of growing up.

Following a sell out run at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, A Beautiful Hell sees 9 young men present a vivid landscape of dreams and desires that explores the notion of exclusion and what it’s like to be an outsider.

For his most recent work, Clarke throws together 6 women, 1 man and a room full of envy. Bitter Suite is a fast, furious yet incredibly touching portrayal of human relationships.

‘Clarke delivers some wrenching strong stuff’ – The Herald ****


30 & 31 October 9pm

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Caz ‘N’ Britney hit the Unity stage with a journey from Primark to prison in a two-woman musical comedy that will bring tears to your eyes and aches to your belly! Featuring and created by Keddy Sutton (Spike Theatre’s The Games and Liverpool Royal Court) and Gillian Hardie (Blood Brothers, Bad Girls: The Musical)

Work in progress supported through Queercore artist development programme.

THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME                                                           

31 October 7.30pm & 1 Nov 2pm

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Commissioned and Produced by Opera North

A supremely well-sung and coolly contemporary look at one of the most intriguing questions of musical theatre – just what is it that makes a woman in trousers so appealing? Mezzo-soprano Jessica Walker and theatre director Neil Bartlett conjure up an entire world, from the swaggering cross-dressers of the Victorian Music Hall to the ambiguous boy-heroes of Mozart and Strauss. Devised by Neil Bartlett and Jessica Walker.

1 & 2 November 7.30pm
Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Direct from its world premiere at The Lowry comes a provocative and challenging new thriller from the award-winning Billy Cowan and Truant Company who last brought Homotopia Care Takers in 2009 (5 stars What’s On Stage).

Jack, the Artistic Director of the country’s leading dance company, is forced to make difficult decisions when his principal dancer, is ‘outed’ by a national newspaper. A sustained campaign of protest by a group headed by Mr X brings the company to near bankruptcy and Jack is forced to meet Mr X’s ever-increasing demands.


7 November  7.30pm
Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Bette Bourne and Paul Shaw have been partners both offstage and on since the late 1970s. In this whistle stop tour of their life together they explore some of their favourite scenes, some obscure gems and some things completely new. Direction Bette Bourne. Writers Neil Bartlett, Nicolas Bloomfield, Bela Borgia, Jimmy Camicia, Constantin Cavafy, Ray Dobbins, Tim Fountain, Dorothy Parker, Paul Shaw, Oscar Wilde

UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY              AMY LAMÉ                                

8 & 9 November 8pm

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Amy Lamé invites you to her birthday party. Morrissey’s invited too; will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers? Will he turn up at all? Cake and quiffs, balloons and beer, party poppers and pass the parcel collide against a soundtrack of teenage obsession in this immersive, interactive show/party. Unhappy Birthday cracks open celebrity; flays fat, fandom and faith, and probes the pains of growing up.
BLACKOUTS (Twilight of the Idols)            DICKIE BEAU

9 November 9pm

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1
The drag show at the end of the world. Drag fabulist Dickie Beau shapeshifts through a soundscape of lost souls in this theatrical ‘trip’ to an underworld of icons in exile. Uniquely this innovative theatre show includes audio that has not been heard before in the public domain including material from Marilyn’s final interview and the spellbinding tapes of Judy Garland alone with a dictaphone. An adventure in found sound, ‘Blackouts’ brings to life extraordinary audio artefacts to tell the story of the dark sides of stars estranged not only from society, but also from themselves.

EPSTEIN The Man Who Made The Beatles       by Andrew Sherlock
15 November – 1 December 7.30pm
The Epstein Theatre, 85 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1

Homotopia co-commission and world premiere

This two-hander multi-media play charts Brian Epstein’s adult life and illustrious career from his drama school days to managing the world’s biggest pop group. Brian’s short life was crammed with success and controversy; an intelligent man whose presence, taste, vision and passion left a lifelong impact on the world.  The premiere coincides with the 50th anniversary of the formation of The Beatles and will be the first major production at the newly refurbished Epstein Theatre. Written by Andrew Sherlock, produced by Jen Heyes and Bill Elms.

THE CREATOR            Directed by Al and Al
7 November  6.30pm
FACT, Wood Street, L1

The Creator explores the legendary myth of the father of the computer age and maker of AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines, Alan Turing. Combining Lynchian nightmare with the prophetic themes of J.G. Ballard, The Creator takes you into the surreal dream world of the visionary scientist, where his binary children embark upon a mystical quest to discover their origins and destiny in the universe. This unique new film commission premieres on the occasion of the centenary of Turing’s birth. Contains scenes of a sexual nature and optical effects.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with internationally renowned artists Al & Al and producer/curator Bren O’ Callaghan.

I REMEMBER & TEENAGE    Directed By Matt Wolf
14 November 6.30pm
FACT, Wood Street, L1

The director of the Arthur Russell documentary Wild Combination, Matt Wolf returns to FACT to present previews of two new films never before seen in the U.K. The first of these, I Remember (2012) is a 24-minute film inspired by Joe Brainard’s legendary memoir poem of the same name – creating an innovative biography of this underground icon.  This will be followed by a preview of the much-anticipated film Teenage, adapted from the legendary Jon Savage book that tells the story of the invention of teenagers. This will be a rare and un-missable opportunity. Screening followed by a Q&A with Matt Wolf.
CALL ME KUCHU By Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall
23 November

Fact, Wood Street, L1

Winner Best Documentary Teddy Award Berlinale 2012
Winner Cinema Fairbindet Prize
Honourable Mention Jury Award Sheffield Documentary Festival 2012

In a country where ninety-five percent of the population condone the criminalisation of homosexuality, a group of queer activists are fighting to prevent this legislative proposal from going ahead. This film describes the life of David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay activist, and his comrades-in-arms. His is a life constantly pervaded by fear of attack, but also characterised by moments of happiness and celebration.
Events take a tragic turn when David Kato is found dead in his bed having been bludgeoned to death. In its quietly observational way, this film portrays an exceptionally homophobic and Christian-fanatical environment, the extremity of which helps to strengthen Uganda’s LGBT community.

SUPER 8    By Mark Morrisroe
22 November 7pm
FACT, Wood Street, L1

In partnership with Open Eye gallery and by special arrangement with the estate of Mark Morrisroe

Between 1981 and 1984, Mark Morrisroe made three films on Super-8 sound—underground home movies filled with thrift-store costumes, cheapo gore, trashy dialogue, and gratuitous nudity, starring himself and his friends as performers. The Laziest Girl in Town features the transvestite antics of Morrisroe, Stephen Tashjian (Tabboo!), and Jack Pierson, culminating in an obscene sequence reminiscent of John Waters’ Pink Flamingos. The trio continued two years later with Hello from Bertha, loosely based on a one-act drama by Tennessee Williams about a prostitute dying in a fleabag bordello, played out in a Boston bedroom with spotty Southern accents and loose wigs. Morrisroe’s longest film, Nymph-O-Maniac, tells the story of a portly phone sex operator and her insatiable girlfriends, one of whom comes to a grisly end at the hands of two sadistic young toughs.


10 November 9pm
Unity Theatre, Hope Place, L1

Homotopia’s home-grown cabaret and music night is back featuring a night of local talent with music & comedy from Gem Andrews, Rosie Wilby, Caz ‘N’ Britney and singer-songwriter Rachel Awork.
 21 November 7.30pm

The Gallery, Stanhope Street, L1
The tour will commence with a special performance at The Old Vic in August in London, Patrick then circles the globe heading to Australia, the U.S.A and mainland Europe before returning to U.K. and Homotopia. Patrick will perform in the exhibition space where Andrew Logan’s ‘Welcome to My World’ is showing. He takes the stage playing grand piano, Celtic harp, dulcimer and more, he will be accompanied by one other musician on stage. He will be digging deep into his 10 year, 5 album catalogue creating a different set list for every night of the tour.

Full festival details

Homotopia is supported by Liverpool City Council and Arts Council England as a national portfolio organisation.

Ian D. Hall