The Liverpool Guild of Students‘ officers have this week voiced their support for international students at London Metropolitan University who face deportation after the university lost their license to sponsor non-UK/EU students.

The student representative officers’ statement, issued yesterday, labels the move as “simply unfair, untimely and wrong”.

Joining others, including NUS Officers, they claimed “This severe impact on people’s lives demonstrates that it is time the government stops including students in immigration statistics.”

Inclusion of students within immigration statistics has been heavily contested and it is expected this latest development will act as a catalyst for change, although is uncertain what nature this will take.

The officers also reference the cultural diversity of the country and, in particular, the high spirits of this summer:

“The treatment of those at London Met is not exactly in light with the celebration of culture we have seen in the Olympics this year and the pride we have had to host athletes from all over the world; we should be welcoming with the same excitement and warmth the best international students who choose to study here, not painting them all with the same brush for political wins.”

LGoS are encouraging students to sign the petition, write to their MP, support London Met via Twitter or Facebook and get in touch with the Guild to offer help or seek advice.

London Met had its license revoked last week. The decision has been met with anger from students, with NUS President Liam Burns arguing that “this heavy-handed decision makes no sense for students, no sense for institutions and no sense for the country.”