National Culturist leaflets destroyed by anti-fascist protesters

Three people who attempted to leaflet for the controversial far-right “National Culturists” at today’s Welcome Fair were run off campus by around 15 anti-fascist demonstrators and some sympathetic students.

Protesters surrounded the trio shouting “nazi scum, off our streets”, largely preventing them from handing out leaflets to students.

One demonstrator asserted that it was important to stop far-right groups “gaining a foothold” and that the National Culturists “present an actual physical threat to working class people and people of colour.”

A student who spontaneously joined the antifascists said “We just came to sign up to some clubs… but we saw people from the BNP were on site and being followed by a large group, so we also decided to follow them and shout ‘scum’.

“We are a multicultural campus, I don’t see why the BNP should have a presence.”

Police intervene on Oxford Street as bystanders observe from across the road

“It’s a bit over the top”

Faced with this opposition, the National Culturists attempted to evade their opponents by entering Myrtle Street Tesco, but were unable to shake the protest until they left campus in a taxi.

On Oxford Street leaflets were grabbed by some of the protesters and torn up, leading to a tense stand off.

Two officers from Merseyside Police did briefly intervene, but took no action.

One student said “it’s a bit over the top … obviously I don’t agree with what they’re [the National Culturists] saying, but I don’t agree with what they’re [the antifascists] doing either.

“They seem like they’re just being as bad as him.”

Another spectator, a University of Liverpool English student, said “some random people were stopping in the street to join the anti-fascists, I don’t think it should result in violence, obviously, but they should be opposed.”

A Chemistry student agreed saying “this isn’t the right way to go about it” but added that the group shouldn’t be allowed on campus.

The National Culturists are not a registered society at Liverpool Guild of Students.

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