For fans of Stephen King, the man behind such best-selling psychological horror classics as It, The Tommy-Knockers, Insomnia and Misery, the news that has been 36 years in the making has finally been broken. The sequel to one of best known and popular novels, The Shining, will be released in September of next year.

Titled Doctor Sleep, the book sees the story of Danny Torrance, the young boy who survived the shocking and disturbing events in the Overlook Hotel, continue as he has entered middle-age, he has become a hospice worker who helps his patients pass on to the other side.

The Shining was the third novel written by Stephen King and helped cement his reputation as then one of the best young writers of the genre. Since 1977, the release of The Shining, he has written 50 books and is one of the best-selling American novelists of the 20th century. The book itself became a major film which was directed by Stanley Kubrick and starred the irreplaceable Jack Nicholson as the writer Jack Torrance who becomes possessed by the demons who lurk in the Overlook Hotel.

It still stands as one of Jack Nicholson’s finest movies and the scene where he breaks down the door is much loved and parodied.

Aside from his works of the Dark Tower series, this is the first major novel by Stephen King to have a sequel and will see the writer return to a much loved area of his work.

For fans of the master of suspenseful and psychological horror, this is news that will have them waiting in eager anticipation and re-reading the original in preparation.

Ian D. Hall